Case Design And Open Mold

For case, you could provide your own design file or let us finish the design according to your information. If you already have the 3D file, it will be quick to quote, the exact unit price and mold price could be calculated within 1 day. But if you don’t have the finished file, our designer will make a sketch according to your information, it is for your checking. After confirmed with you, a completed 3D file will be finished within 3-5 days. Before opening an mold, the first prototype will be made to check the appearance and function.

3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly

Our factory set 3 production lines for assembling a case, each line has 15 assemblers and 2 quality control person to check appearance.
For each product, we will make assembling instructions and print on the lines before a start. Also, the final testing method will be prepared in advance.

For sure, the first finished sample will be provided for customers checking.

Completed Final Function Testing

Before packing, completed final function testing will be done. The testing method could be provided by customers or designed by our engineers. This depends on customers. Only workable products will go to packing section. We provide 2-year warranty for our products.

Customer Cases